January 30th, 2006


BNW :: Part 5!

Title: Be Seeing You
Series: Brave New World: Part 5
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c
Summary: Teal'c falls ill; Jack secretly wishes it'd been Daniel because the archeologist is much easier to drag in a travois.

ESRB Rating: Teen - Alien Death Depicted
Categories: AU/Stranded, Team, mini-Death
Prompt: 030 Death.
Season: Non specific, but Carter is already a major.
Spoilers: None.
Written: January 06

Daniel leaned out of their mylar tent and stuck his tongue out to catch the water, making Sam giggle. It was a nice sound, a sound that reminded Daniel that maybe things might be alright after all. If Sam could still laugh, the world couldn't be all that bad, could it?
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