April 8th, 2006

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Like Lovers: Prompt 023 Lovers Character: Teal'c

Title: Like Lovers
Author: Moonshayde
Season: Six
Category: Drama, Angst
Spoilers: Redemption
Pairing/Character: Teal'c
Prompt 023: Lovers
Word Count: 100 (drabble)
Summary: We take for granted those special moments that cannot be relived once our loved one has passed on.
Warnings: Minor canon character death
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Applies. Not for profit.

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Title: Drifts
Characters: Daniel, Jack
Prompt: #67 - 'Snow'
Word Count: 150
Rating: G
Summary: Too short for one!
Author's Note: Argh. School has killed me dead. I'm so behind with this. *head/desk*

Title: A Lethal Combination
Characters: Jack/Daniel
Prompt: #56 - 'Breakfast'
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Also too short, LOL.
Author's Note: Thanks to teddibear for the title.

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