May 17th, 2006

Janene Norm

Samantha Carter Prompts: Beginnings, Firsts, Why?, blue, and Touch.

Entry into Stargatefic..a-thon
Here is the link to the big *cough* table.

I have five for you all and I'll link for easy access ;)
In order of date writen...

Title: Mark’s Disapproval
Characters: Sam & Mark Carter
Prompt: Beginnings
Word Count: 1,193
Rating: G
Summary: Sam tries to patch things up with her brother before heading into the Stargate Program.
Author's Notes: Not much is known about Sam’s brother but this is how I portray him.

Title: First Impressions (Mark's Disapproval is a prequil)
Characters: Sam with appearances of Jack, Hammond, Kawalski, & Ferretti
Prompt: Firsts
Word Count: 1,590
Rating: G
Summary: First impressions of Sam and Jack
Author's Notes: While I wanted to show how the relationship starts with Sam and Jack, I really wanted to try integrating the show’s script into the story. Hence the speaking lines from ‘where is he transferring from’ to ‘Understood,’ are taken directly from the transcripts. I filled in the blanks to make it more readable.

Title: Sam’s Doubts
Characters: Samantha Carter
Prompt: Why?
Word Count: 322
Rating: G
Summary: Just a brief background on Samantha’s thoughts while on earth and helpless to Jack’s disease.
Author's Notes: This takes place during ‘Brief Candle’ after the team sends him their messages.

Title: Elevator Romance
Characters: Samantha Carter & Daniel Jackson
Word Count: 866
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam remembers the night of Daniel’s de-ascension
Author's Notes: it’s porn, run of the mill supermarket porn. I’d like to think I’m better than that but hey a gal needs some sauciness once in a while.
Note: This one is friend locked due to NC-17 material.

Title: Secrets Pt 1
Characters: Samantha Carter & Daniel Jackson
Prompt: Blue
Word Count: 448
Rating: G
Summary: Standard Paranoia
Author's Notes: This is in between an in between mission, no spoilers.