October 1st, 2006

SH - Sherlock on roof

5 Jack/Daniel ficlets, prompts: home, air, taste, independence, dinner

Five more slash and friendship ficlets for my Jack and Daniel claim. Each link is to a different lj-cut within the same post. Slash is marked.
My table is

Prompt #90 - home, G, S1, 222 words

Prompt #54 - air, G, post Tangent, 174 words

Prompt #39 - taste, PG-13, slash, 305 words

Prompt #41 - independence, PG-13, slash, 158 words

Steps Taken, Prompt #58 - dinner, PGish, J/D UST, 599 words
Also for lyric_ficathon prompt: “Do I care for sodomy? I don’t know, yeah, probably” “Oh why are you so weird boy? Johnny are you queer boy?”
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